Antimicrobial Thermoset Plastics with   

Effective antimicrobial technology

in your thermoset plastic products.

Keeping it simple,

keeping it cost effective!

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Post Add Antimicrobial Concentrates

Adding the antimicrobial while processing the resin system

“This approach offers total flexibility with letdown ratios to meet specific efficacy requirements”

Thermoset Product Application Thermoset Product Application Thermoset Product Application

PolyFusion SafeTouch

SafeTouch® antimicrobial masterbatch is the registered trade mark of PolyFusion, LLC

P/N ST-101-14     Polyester base 14% active concentrate
P/N ST-084-50     Solvent base 50% active concentrate   
P/N ST-035-25     Solvent base 25% active concentrate   
P/N ST-035-35     Solvent base 35% active concentrate   

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