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We believe the utilization of antimicrobial technology in plastic products should provide measurable benefits in performance while providing the customer a return on investment downstream.

We believe the first and foremost factor in formulating an antimicrobial into a plastic material is to define the expectations of the antimicrobial.

The second factor is to delve into the genome of the plastic and understand its inherent behavior within the environment in which the antimicrobial is to perform.

The best approach in determining antimicrobial solutions in plastics begins with effective communication. We at PolyFusion encourage interaction with inputs from all involved for the responsibility for the continuous improvement of their products.

We encourage our customers to ask their questions and share their concerns as antimicrobial applications can be a confusing subject when it doesn’t have to be.

  • Are the physical properties altered in a treated article?
  • What is the speed of kill?
  • What are the price points for application of antimicrobials?

Please telephone us and let’s have that initial conversation for what may well be a game changing enhancement by the use of safe and effective antimicrobial technology. 


  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Antimicrobial Chemistry
  • Plastics Processing
  • Efficacy Protocols
  • Regulatory Directives
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